Leadership-Seminars and Coaching

For more than 18 years, management trainer and executive coach Daniel F. Pinnow has been developing and strengthening experienced executives, entrepreneurs, board members, directors and business unit leaders on their personal and professional journey.

His seminars are primarily aimed at experienced executives who have overall responsibility for a company or business area.

The systemic leadership approach has been initiated by him since 1997 in the German-speaking area and has been a major influence for 20 years.

Pinnow sees leadership as a holistic phenomenon, while at the same time directing one’s gaze to an authoritative size, which in other approaches remains a blind spot in the eye of the beholder: the personality of the leader himself

For Pinnow, every leader is part of a complex, ever-changing system that a leader can never control but can control. Together with the executive, Pinnow examines the respective system, makes it comprehensible and helps the leader, first and foremost, to recognize and lead himself in this system.

Successful learning and development mainly takes place through reflection, observation and the experience of one’s own person as well as in exchange and contact with the other seminar participants. The participants deal with the appropriate leadership behavior. For your current and future leadership tasks, you will develop harmonious individual behaviors, gain in-depth knowledge of your own personality structure as well as suitable instruments, and receive specific assistance in optimizing your leadership skills.

The systemic trainer and coach trained by Prof. Peter Müller-Egloff uses his many years of (> 20 years) top management experience as CEO of Cognos AG and managing director of the Academy for Managers GmbH as well as HR manager in international groups such as the Airbus Group and e.on Ruhrgas AG in conjunction with scientific knowledge from his role as Associate Professor of Leadership at the Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, as well as lecturer in Human Resource Management and Human Resources Management at the Technical University of Munich. And his know-how as a management and organization researcher and renowned author, whose books have been published as multiple standard works, which have also been published and honored internationally in the USA, Canada, UK and China.

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