Elite without Ethics?

The Power of Values and Self-Respect

FAZ-Institut 2007
Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag, 196 Seiten
24,90 Euro / 38,40 SFR
ISBN 978-3-89981-137-7

The term „elite“ – many turn their noses up at this expression. And there is good reason for this, for in recent times, a succession of scandals involving company CEOs and government officials has shaken the public trust of these figures. In order to play an important role in the future, we need the successful doers in politics, economics, culture and sports to lead based on the foundation of values and responsibility.

Daniel F. Pinnow explains the German discontent of national elites in a historical context and pushes for the neccessity of a new understanding of what it means to be an elite. This elite sets personality upfront, holds the values of integrity, honor, and self-awareness high, and engages himself in social issues in order to be accepted as role models.

„Elite without Ethics?“ shows a picture of a new leadership generation – by all means with optimism. For there are already such people, the Klinsmanns, Merkels, or Wiedkings, who get the job done and are conscious of their own responsibility. The term „elite“ must be newly thought out and its picture redone with new content matter. On this subject, the book is an important contribution in the field of leadership.



„Absolut empfehlenswert!“ B. Asmussen, Dipl. Wirtschafts-Ing.

Ein hervorragendes Buch, das mir aus dem Herzen spricht. Anspruchsvoll gestaltet und doch leicht zu lesen…

„Unbedingt lesenswert!“ Axel Wiemann

“Elite ohne Ethik?” von Daniel F. Pinnow ist ein Plädoyer für mehr Mut und Menschlichkeit, für verantwortungsvolles Handeln und Integrität – sich selbst und anderen gegenüber…

„Tres bien, tres bien, tres bien!“ Dr. Daniel Castan-Roethlisberger (Dr. Ing.)

Ich habe viel vom Autor des mittlerweile zum Standardwerk avancierten Klassikers Führen – worauf es wirklich ankommt” erwartet, aber Pinnow hat alle Erwartungen übertroffen…


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